Saturday Night Celebration

Join us on Saturday night, from 9 p.m. to midnight, for a celebration with the awesome DJ Swagg!  

Theodore Mercedez Wesby III (“DJ Swagg”)  

Theodore Mercedez Wesby III, also known as “DJ Swagg,” is a talented performing artist and music producer who owns his own radio show – the 202 & U Morning Show (currently on hiatus) – on BLIS.FM. He began his career as a disc jockey 10 years ago. Born to a teenage mother who was a high school dropout and drug addict, Swagg grew up living in shelters, in foster care and with relatives, and sometimes sleeping under bridges and eating out of trashcans. But he excelled in school, taught himself to play the piano, and sang in his school chorus. After a Washington Post reporter saw him feeding people who were homeless, he was featured on the front page of the Post weekend section and was invited to the White House to receive a Point of Light Award from President George H.W. Bush. He subsequently earned a 1997 Beat the Odds Scholarship, a United Negro College Fund Scholarship and a Martin Luther King Jr. Community Services Award. Before he was 11 years old, his elementary school named a day after him, and his story has been featured onWorld News Tonight, America Tonight and the Maury Povich ShowHe is a veteran of the Army Reserve. As Swagg, who is in recovery, heals from his trauma, he shares his experience through music and the arts.