Thanks to all who submitted workshop and institute proposals! 

Please note that the deadline for submitting workshop and institute proposals has passed. We hope to notify those whose proposals were accepted by mid- to late August.

Topic Areas for Workshops and Institutes


Learning from each other is a clear example of self-help, mutual support, and the principles of recovery in action!


Each Alternatives Conference offers in-depth technical assistance on consumer/survivor-delivered services and self-help/recovery methods. The Alternatives 2014 Conference Committee, which includes consumer/survivor leaders from across the nation, is seeking proposals for presentations in the following areas, although proposals need not be limited to the following subjects:


•     Peer-Led Programs

•     Leadership Development

•     Integration of Physical Health with Behavioral Health Care

•     Technology

•     Alternative Therapies

•     Diversity and Inclusion


Selection Criteria:


Presentations emphasizing the participation of attendees, handouts, and ability to replicate ideas will be given priority consideration. Reviewers will evaluate proposals according to the following:

  • Relevance of the presentation to the conference theme and suggested subject areas.
  • Expertise and experience of presenters.
  • Opportunities for participants to develop new skills and/or replicate a successful program.
  • Indication that the lead presenter is a consumer/survivor. Partnerships with other providers are encouraged.
  • Clear outline of the purpose and learning objectives of the presentation.
  • Opportunities for engaging attendees.


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Alternatives Conference 2014, Orlando Florida, Caribe Royale, October 22-26, 2014
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