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Alternatives 2014

Topic Areas for Workshops and Institutes


We invite everyone to consider becoming a presenter; first-time presenters are especially welcome. Learning from each other is a clear example of self-help, mutual support, and the principles of recovery in action!


Each Alternatives Conference offers in-depth technical assistance on consumer/survivor-delivered services and self-help/recovery methods. The Alternatives 2014 Conference Committee, which includes consumer/survivor leaders from across the nation, is seeking proposals for presentations in the following areas, although proposals need not be limited to the following subjects:


•     Peer-Led Programs

•     Leadership Development

•     Integration of Physical Health with Behavioral Health Care

•     Technology

•     Alternative Therapies

•     Diversity and Inclusion


Selection Criteria:


Presentations emphasizing the participation of attendees, handouts, and ability to replicate ideas will be given priority consideration. Reviewers will evaluate proposals according to the following:

  • Relevance of the presentation to the conference theme and suggested subject areas.
  • Expertise and experience of presenters.
  • Opportunities for participants to develop new skills and/or replicate a successful program.
  • Indication that the lead presenter is a consumer/survivor. Partnerships with other providers are encouraged.
  • Clear outline of the purpose and learning objectives of the presentation.
  • Opportunities for engaging attendees.


Click here to submit your presentation online.

Alternatives Conference 2014, Orlando Florida, Caribe Royale, October 22-26, 2014 alternativesconference2014.org
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